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" I have been in Law Enforcement for over 18 years and have studied several styles of Martial Arts.

The curriculum and instruction at Satori Martial Arts is far superior to any style I have ever trained in. Renshi Pukish possesses extraordinary ability and knowledge in teaching dynamic and highly effective tactics of self-defense and combat that I consider essential to my job.

I would highly recommend Satori Martial Arts to anyone wishing to learn realistic self-defense methods that are effective inside the dojo and, more importantly, on the street."

Special Agent Mike E., SWAT Operator, Federal Bureau of Investigation


Adult Karate and Jiu Jitsu

The SATORI Adult Karate Program offers each student unlimited attendance to any of the nine classes offered per week. Shihan Pete Pukish, founder of Satori Martial Arts, brings over 30 years of martial arts experience to a curriculum that earned him the title, Karate Instructor of the Year in 2001.

His experience in traditional Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Okinawan martial arts has enabled him to build a curriculum that welcomes students with previous experience from all styles as it challenges them to improve their skills and advance them even further in their training.

He is one of four chosen Chief Instructors for the American Budokai International and is the State Representative for Karate and Jiu Jitsu in the State of Georgia.

Adults Schedule The SATORI Adult Jiu Jitsu Program has earned its reputation as being the perfect blend between traditional training with a modern approach to practical application. The Satori Jiu Jitsu curriculum prepares the practitioner for combat from all ranges and includes striking, locking, throwing, and ground fighting.
Satori Jiu Jitsu is a complete system that has been recognized by martial arts organizations and law enforcement agencies around the globe as being extremely practical, preparing the student for any situation they might encounter. In 2005, Shihan Pukish was voted International Instructor of the Year by the American Budokai International.

Each new student is given private lessons during the initial phases of their training, ensuring every question is answered and need is taken care of, until they are ready for class. Our mission is to empower every student at every level of their training, raising the standard on quality of instruction, level of commitment and personalized attention.







South Carolina Seminar

Attention to detail is one thing that separates Satori Martial Arts from other schools. Here Shihan Pukish demonstrates an outside wristlock to instructors at a seminar in South Carolina.


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Private lessons are available at Satori for Karate and Jiu Jitsu students.  Please call 770.521.1152 to request Private Lessons and set up appointments.

Private Lessons at Satori

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"I have been in Law Enforcement for 14 years, and have been on the receiving end of "real-world" attacks more often than I would like to remember.

The confidence and abilities that I have learned at Satori have been instrumental in dealing with these situations both psychologically and physically. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to efficiently and effectively deal with any threat they encounter."

James H. Harris, Jr., Police Officer - City of Alpharetta Police Department


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